Pipeline Energy Experts

Pipeline Energy Experts

Who we are

PEDI is a privately held pipeline optimization company changing the landscape of pipeline energy management, pipeline scheduling, and pipeline performance. PEDI prides itself on sourcing and acquiring the best products and brightest minds in the petrochemical industry. With over 80 years of combined knowledge in the oil and gas business there is no challenge to big for our experienced engineers and software developers.

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What we do

PEDI is the world leader in the areas of pipeline optimization and energy management. Through custom software development and installation we save oil and gas pipeline companies millions of dollars a year on the cost of running their pipelines while at the same time reducing the time and labor to manage each system.

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We have implemented systems for some of the largest players in the oil and gas industry.

ConocoPhilips Valero Kinder Morgan

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*Free Pipeline Scheduling Proof of Concept

Pipeline Energy Dynamics is the only oil and gas software company to offer a full production pipeline scheduling proof of concept for *FREE. Unlike other companies that say their product works…we prove it on your systems with your data all at no charge. What could be better than *FREE? How about fast! Our products have the fastest implementation times in the oil and gas industry. Your company can be up and running on your *Free proof of concept in as little as 2 weeks.

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Our promise

PEDI is committed to helping Oil and Gas companies provide valuable products and services to the world in an environmentally responsibly manner. Our pipeline energy management and optimization systems reduce emission of the average oil producer by millions of tons a year all while saving pipeline operators money.